18Twelve Jungle Berry - Pre-Rolls


3x0.5g Pre Rolls: $124 ($10.33 x 12 Units) MSRP: $15.50

7x0.5g Pre Rolls: $228 ($21 x 12 Units) MSRP: $28.50

23.1% THC | 2.9% Terps

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Jungle Berry effects are very calming, sociable and euphoric, a true hybrid that is great for any time of the day. Jungle Berry features an aroma and flavour profile of candied fruit, menthol, honey, and mint. If you’ve smoked, dabbed, or consumed.

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3x0.5g Pre Rolls • Case Qty 12 ($10.33 per unit), 7x0.5g Pre Rolls • Case Qty 12 ($19 per unit)


(MAC 1 x Slurricane) x (London Pound Cake x kush Mints)
Grown By Verte West


Jungle Berry has a strong candy fruit nose with hints of menthol, honey, and mint.

Bud Structure:

Tight large nugs coated with milky trichome and bursting with calixes and bright orange pistols.

Grow Specs:

Rockwool Medium with LED lights, 4 week whole plant hang dried, 6 week cold cure. Packed fresh for each DD Order
Grown By Verte West


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