18twelve Pucker Up - Lazy Susan Flower


3.5g <5 Nugs per Bag: $288 ($24 x 12 Units) MSRP: $36

7g < 11 Nugs per Bag: $252 ($42 x 6 Units) MSRP $63

14g Smalls: $315 ($52.5 x 6 Units) MSRP: $79

28g Smalls: $564 ($94 x 6 Units) MSRP: $140

24.5% THC | 4.92% Terps

Sour Apple x Bahama Mama

Hybrid 50:50

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Meticulously bread by Sol Fire Genetics this unique blend of Sour Apple and Bahama Mama packs a punch. This rich strain is bursting with a creamy, candied fruit profile. Prepare to be embraced by blissful relaxation and followed by a mellow state of tranquil calm. Pucker Up is known for its large frosty lime green buds with dark purple hues, this one is loud out of the bag.

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3.5g • Case Qty 12 ($24 per unit), 7g • Case of 6 ($42 per unit), 14g • Case Qty 6 ($52.5 per unit), 28g • Case Qty 6 ($94 per unit)


White Widow x Haze


citrus, lemon, floral and Loud!!

Bud Structure

Large Green coated buds with calixes popping out everywhere.

Grow Specs

Rockwool Medium with LED lights, 4 week whole plant hang dried, 6 week cold cure.


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